“Adam is both incredibly talented and professional. He listened to the direction in which I wanted to take my CD artwork, presented a number of fantastic options, patiently walked me through the selection process, and ultimately delivered an absolutely beautiful final product. Throughout the project, he was responsive, flexible, and clearly committed to helping me realize the best version of my initial idea. I’m extremely happy with the final result and would strongly recommend him to others in need of expert and inspired artwork/graphics.”




“When I first began talking to Adam about creating my website, I had no idea what I wanted it to look like. I just had a few thoughts about what should be on it. Adam very patiently took me through the process and helped me figure out what I liked. In the end, he created a custom site that was based off of my personality and was a perfect mixture of all of the elements I wanted. He was such a joy to work with, and went over and above to make sure everything was taken care of. He always communicated with me and kept me in the loop, and made the process so fun that I’m ready to do it all over again with him! I’m looking forward to working with him on many future projects, and am telling all my friends he should be their go-to guy as well.”




“Adam is a fantastic designer. We have worked with many designers in the past and we are continually impressed with his abilities. To date, Adam has created several flyers, postcards, promotional materials for community/corporate events and a brand new website for Hip Service. In addition, he created a fun and engaging design for our instagram account. He is thoughtful, collaborative and has the willingness to discuss and go through several phases of a designs evolution.”



singer/business owner • website

“I have known Adam since 2006, and he has done alot of different design work for me. He has created several websites, retouched many photos, created album artwork and websites for our restaurants Cascabel and Sweet Salt. Most recently he created a cover for my newest digital single and it’s exactly what I wanted. I usually know what I want for my designs, but whats great is that Adam always takes it several steps further. He takes his time and makes sure that color, text and photos are exactly what I want.”



musician • website

“We love what Adam created for us. You know the title track of our new single has reference to beauty and mirrors and the inside artwork makes reference to that. The artwork has a sort of classic Republica feel with the reds we used on alot of our older singles. We wanted to keep the cover simple and do something more creative for our next release. Adam isn’t just a fan of ours, he is also a friend of Republica.”



business owner • website

“I have been working with Adam for almost three years and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. In 2010 I was looking for someone to handle the marketing, media requests and website for my business, Seafloor Systems Inc. He completely redesigned the Seafloor website and it came out better than I could ever envision. He refreshed our logo and helped create the look and feel of Seafloor. In addition, he has also created the company t-shirts, product brochures, support documents and the booth marketing materials for tradeshows. I am frequently reminded of his talent by the exceptional work he continues to produce.”


kel winter

business owner • website

“We are very grateful for the work that RockChild Designs has done for us. To date, Mr. Graniss has designed a book cover for one of our notable authors, plus an outstanding new logo for our rebranding. He has the know-how you’d expect of a skilled designer to find just the right imagery and bring the project to completion successfully. We plan to seek his expert services again! Thank you Adam.”


Lucy Levinsohn

musician • website

“I have been working with Adam for the past four years. My previous band “Waiting 4 Wyatt” was in the process of a total transformation of sound and image which included a name change to “EVOLOVE”. With our new name and fresh sound, we needed an updated image. We went through several logos until we found the right look. Over the years our logo has continued to change and evolve just as the band has. Adam has always been up to the challenge to make sure we look our best, not only when it comes to the Evolove brand, but our photos, t-shirts, promotional materials and our website. Adam is creative and most importantly a very kind and caring person. I recommend everyone I know to use his services.”



web developer • website

“I come to Adam for random graphic needs here and there, primarily because he can get it done quickly when I’m in a time crunch. Most recently I had him develop a complete redesign of my portfolio. I provided him with a few different ideas and let him run with it. I cannot even begin to tell you how pleased I was when I saw the PSD. He pulled it together in a way that I never thought possible and the PSD was labeled so clearly that it will take me absolutely no time at all to code for my website. He’s a pleasure to work with, a super nice guy, and my go to for all graphics needs. Highly recommended.”

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